So the drive has now come and gone, and together, we were able to raise $10,000!

So many thanks to all the people who donated money, the creators who donated art, the readers who spread the word, and the news people who covered the event.

I have a lot of faith in both Love 146 and Gracehaven that the money will be spent wisely and responsibly. 

Thanks to EVERYONE who was involved in every level of this thing. You're amazing. At least a little piece of the world will be better thanks to you.

Many people have been asking me if we will be doing this again next year. Right now, I'm not sure. I had to cease updating my comic for over a month to handle it. If you're interested in participating in the future, subscribe to this RSS Feed. I promise I won't be updating it all the time. It'll sort of be like the bat signal in the night time sky: If you see it go live, that means it's time to start again.

Thanks everyone!!!
Comic did a great article on the CCA, thanks to J.K. Woodward. I also noticed that did a write up, and had the most fantastic quote, "the... artists of the Comic Creators Alliance have managed to bridge the gap between drawing heroes and being heroes."

Week one ended and we collected over $5,000, which is a lot to be proud of. Thanks, contributors and donors alike!!
Comic Book Resources wrote a fantastic article covering the CCA. On Monday, when the drive went live, it was their featured article! Read it here and enjoy it! The author interviewed several of the participating artists, which is fun to read.
I wish I had known that Christa Smith, creator of The Princess and Eve's Apple had problems sending her file to me. Apparently she tried to send to me several times, but it never got into my in box. Unfortunately, her piece is not on the wallpaper, but she signed up and she's on the list of contributing artists. So I wanted to make sure you all saw her lovely contribution, her character Sarah from her comic The Princess.
The Donation's Drive has officially begun! Donate via the home page, and don't forget to blog about it and pass the news on!
Well... everyone turned in their entries, and the wallpaper is complete! The donations drive goes live in less than a week--on Monday, January 11th! Here are a few more entries in the meantime.

Harvey Award-nominee, Thom Zahler's Amazonia from Love & Capes by IDW Publishing!
Jennie from the Paul Reveres by Tina Pratt!
Roxanne from Crossroads, by Milo Neuman.
Phoebe from Compass by Traci Spencer!
The beautiful Suzan from Janaija by Henrike Dijkstra!
And Michelle of Jackdaw by Friedenmann