And Gina M. of Weather Eye made this amazing Call-to-Action video to promote the CCA!
Comic Related was kind enough to feature the Comic Creators Alliance on their Related Recap Podcast this week! It's a special, shortened episode focusing exclusively on what we're doing here. Give it a listen!
Kurt Sasso of TGT Webcomics was kind enough to give me a segment on his podcast show this weekend. We talked for 15 minutes about the 2011 CCA, and also did a recap of last year's event. Listen to the clip here!
Comic did a great article on the CCA, thanks to J.K. Woodward. I also noticed that did a write up, and had the most fantastic quote, "the... artists of the Comic Creators Alliance have managed to bridge the gap between drawing heroes and being heroes."

Week one ended and we collected over $5,000, which is a lot to be proud of. Thanks, contributors and donors alike!!
Comic Book Resources wrote a fantastic article covering the CCA. On Monday, when the drive went live, it was their featured article! Read it here and enjoy it! The author interviewed several of the participating artists, which is fun to read.
TGT Webcomics and Comic Geek Speak both had me on their shows and let me talk about the Comic Creator's Alliance!

You can listen to the TGT Podcast here, it's Episode 73 and I'm on at 1:55:40.

The Comic Geek Speak interview is here, Episode 731 and starts at 49 minutes.

Both interviews are about 10 minutes long, give them a listen if you want, and hopefully they'll bring in some new contributors!

I'll be posting some of the art that's already started coming in later this week. So check back, or add us to your RSS Feed.