So far, about a third of the participating creators have already sent in their completed pieces! And they're all looking amazing. I'll be posting them here in the blog more regularly from now until the fundraising goes live on January 11th!

We'll start out with Stealth, from Lou Graziani's Cy-Boar. This was actually the first finish piece I received! 

Next is a really cute one, Sabrina Mancini from Alan Evans's #1 Wrestling Webcomic, Rival Angels!
And finally Laura Hollingsworth's Silver Eye brings us the beautiful Berlyne.
So we not only achieved our goal of getting 50 creators to enlist-- we passed it!  Check out the updated list of participants!  Recent additions include Adam Withers/Comfort Love, Lar DeSouza, Peter David/J.K. Woodward and a lot more!
We're now up to 38 artists-- only 12 away from the goal of 50 creators. I added four new creators to the list this morning, including Webcomic giant Crystal Yates of Earthsong!

Also, here's the first piece of artwork I'm posting, from Emily Brady & Alice Nuttall, it's their character Nic from Footloose!
TGT Webcomics and Comic Geek Speak both had me on their shows and let me talk about the Comic Creator's Alliance!

You can listen to the TGT Podcast here, it's Episode 73 and I'm on at 1:55:40.

The Comic Geek Speak interview is here, Episode 731 and starts at 49 minutes.

Both interviews are about 10 minutes long, give them a listen if you want, and hopefully they'll bring in some new contributors!

I'll be posting some of the art that's already started coming in later this week. So check back, or add us to your RSS Feed.

We now have a website, and a timeline for the project! This should make it easier to spread the word and get people involved!

Be sure to check out the list of contributing creators, a list that will hopefully continue to grow!

And check back here at the blog for more news as it comes.